About Interaction Baltimore

Mission and Vision

Interaction Baltimore recognizes the community assets of Baltimore City, under the premise that all the resources necessary for empowerment already exist within the community. The project employs community organizing on three tracks: mapping community assets, sharing our stories and bringing voices together. The goal is to make connections between community resources and facilitate constructive dialogue through both in-person and digital media tools, and to inspire residents to be greater than the sum our parts as we address our own problems, work through our own conflicts, and create a safer, stronger, healthier and more integrated Baltimore City.

Community Organizing on Three Tracks

Track One: Mapping Community Assets

This website offers a number of resources to engage with your community in Baltimore, including…

You can also follow the Interaction Baltimore Twitter account to keep up with community resources in Baltimore, and search lists of Baltimore-based Twitter accounts.

An easy-to-search directory of organizations, initiatives and other groups in Baltimore City that you can get involved with is currently in the works.

Track Two: Sharing Our Stories

The Interaction Baltimore stories page features some of the many people working toward their ideal vision of Baltimore. These stories provide a more in-depth look at the resources in our community and how we can benefit from and collaborate with those resources as we build a healthier city. You can enter your email address in the sidebar on the right to subscribe to new stories.

Track Three: Bringing Voices Together

The monthly Interaction Baltimore Café is an interactive event for people from all over the city to share ideas and work through some of our biggest problems as a community. For more information on the Café and to register for the next event, click here.

Get Involved

Interaction Baltimore is a collaborative project. If you live, work or attend school in Baltimore City, your voice is always welcome. Email Interaction Baltimore to share ideas about anything related to Baltimore community engagement: what you’d like to see on this site, topics you think we should discuss at a Café, resources that should be featured on the blog or added to the calendar, feedback about a story or organization, and so on. Whatever is important to you, feel free to reach out.