interaction baltimore cafe

the interaction baltimore cafe is a free, all ages event that encourages baltimore city residents of every background to engage with each other as we work through conflict in our community. inspired by the world cafe concept developed by juanita brown and david isaacs, the interaction baltimore cafe provides a forum to help us understand each other’s perspectives and collaborate on workable solutions.

everyone who attends the cafe, regardless of job title, is encouraged both to listen and to contribute. this is a conversation. not a lecture.

all cafes are being held virtually until further notice. on april 8 we held a cafe on the topic building the city we want when we can’t be near each other. stay tuned for an announcement of the next cafe, or sign up for the mailing list below.

you may also request a facilitated cafe conversation for your neighborhood association or community organization in baltimore city to aid large group decision making. email for details.

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 how the cafe works

    • there are three rounds of small group conversation, each about 25 minutes long, followed by a larger conversation with the entire group.
    • after a brief introduction, guests break out into tables of three or four people each. introduce yourselves to each other. you’ll be benefiting from different perspectives and giving others the benefit of your perspective over the course of the event.
    • before the first round starts, each table chooses a host. the host stays at the table for all three rounds, and is responsible for greeting new guests and summarizing the table’s key insights from earlier rounds.
    • before each round, everyone is given a question (or questions) to spark the conversation for that round.
    • guests are encouraged to write or draw on the paper tablecloth using the markers provided. be as creative as you want. just make some kind of written or visual notes of your table’s insights as you go. the tablecloths will be collected and displayed for everyone to see.
    • when each round is over, everyone except the host gets up and moves to a different table to hear new perspectives and generate new insights.
    • after the three rounds are over, we all gather in a circle to share our collective insights and discuss next steps. let’s figure out how to keep the discussion going beyond this event and put our knowledge in motion.

email with any questions, or to suggest a topic for a cafe conversation.